Stay ahead of the curve

Engage with thought leaders, unraveling new concepts shaping the furniture tech landscape.

Why you should attend?

Furtech is the first furniture technology show in the Middle East and Africa region that brings together all the stakeholders of the sector on one platform. It is a fantastic avenue to meet with all suppliers and vendors of machinery, raw materials and components and learn about the latest technologies and innovations through our dedicated conference.

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The best part about
being an attendee

Furtech 2024 is an interactive and immersive experience. As an attendee, you can visit the booths and view live demonstrations of products. You can also be a part of workshops and seminars and get the opportunity to hear leaders in the industry engage in discussions at the conference.

You will get the chance to create valuable connections and gain valuable insights into the industry by engaging with professionals.

Ready to Enter the World of Furniture Technology?
  • To engage with suppliers from the MEA region

  • To stay updated with the latest trends and innovations

  • To gain valuable insights

  • To build connections

  • To be a part of knowledge sharing platforms

  • To meet suppliers and industry professionals

Who will visit?

  • Contractors
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Importers, Exporters & Traders
  • Wooden Door Manufacturers
  • Woodworking Machinery Traders
  • Furniture Designers
  • Interior Design & Building Companies
  • Machinery Accessories Trades
  • Panel Board Furniture
  • Manufacturers
  • Furniture Hardware Manufacturer
  • Surface Treatment Companies
  • Timber Manufacturers
  • Design & Architecture Institutions
  • Wood Processing Companies
  • Wood Product Manufacturers
  • Furniture Components Manufacturers

Going beyond furniture

If you believe your attendance at the furniture show is limited to that alone, reconsider. The event will coincide with three other shows catering to diverse industries, providing attendees with the opportunity to explore beyond furniture. Visit our co-located shows - Sleep Expo Middle East; UTECH Middle East Foam and Polyurethane Expo; Adhesives, Sealants and Bondings Expo.